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Vesta Natural

Our Heritage

United States FDA Registered Facility

Acquired high-speed encapsulating machine and tableting machine
www.vestanatural.com launch

2022 - 2020

Agreement with DuPont de Nemours, Inc. (refers to a contract that involves the use of probiotic ingredients from DuPont de Nemours, Inc.)

Agreement with BioCell Collagen®
Naver smart store launch

2019 - 2018

Partnered with XAYK Medical Technology Ltd. in Beijing, China 

Participated at the KINTEX International Food Exhibition in South Korea 

2017 - 2016

Conducted R&D for facility investment and new products 

Expansion of retail sales, including entry into large discount stores in South Korea 

Participated at Healthplex, Shanghai
KINTEX International Food Exhibition in South Korea 

Partner with MQ Group in Seoul, South Korea

2015 - 2014

Positioned company and products on the e-commerce
online shopping site Taobao.com for the Chinese market

2013 - 2012

Updated and revised website
Purchased and moved into a new facility 2x the size to manage increasing capacity, growth, and expansion

2012 - 2011

Expanded distribution channels in Korea, including prominent department stores

Added Blister Packaging capabilities

Export into China initiated 

2010 - 2009

Integrated and implemented an automated packaging and labelling system

Launched branch office in Korea to handle increasing export volumes and demand

2008 - 2007

Relocated to a larger facility to manage growth

Upgraded website


Establishment And Incorporation Of The Company