Not all collagens are alike!

Vesta R&D
20 Jun 2022


BioCell Collagen® Benefits

  1. BioCell Collagen® is a clinically studied dietary ingredient composed of naturally-occurring hydrolyzed collagen type II peptides, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid.

  2. BioCell's unique matrix is not a blend of individual ingredients. BioCell Collagen™ is a patented nutraceutical ingredient comprised of naturally occurring hydrolyzed collagen type II, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid in a matrix form. BioCell Technology utilizes a patented Bio-Optimization™ technology to reduce what are originally large molecules into small and remarkably bioavailable molecules that are much easier for the body to absorb and deliver to key areas where they are most needed as we age including our joints, skin, tendons and ligaments.

  3. Clinical studies confirm that BioCell Collagen® promotes active joints, youthful-looking skin, and healthy connective tissues.

SKIN HEALTH  - BioCell Collagen® Clinical Dosage: 1 g daily
  1.  Reduces facial lines and wrinkles*
  2.  Reduces crow‘s feet*
  3.  Improves skin elasticity*
  4.  Reduces skin dryness*
  5.  Boosts skin collagen & hyaluronic acid*

JOINT HEALTH  - BioCell Collagen® Clinical Dosage: 2 g daily
  1.   Promotes joint comfort and mobility*
  2.   Promotes cartilage health and stimulation*
  3.   Promotes synovial fluid health*
  4.   Boosts hyaluronic acid*
  5.   Promotes post-workout recovery* (3 g)


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